And that's a wrap!🎄

Well what a year it has been! We have had ups and downs, and if anyone would have told me last year what was going to happen this year I wouldn't have ever believed them! 


Having to start a business during a global pandemic sounds like a crazy thing to do, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! It gave me something to focus on and live for and in return it has taught me so much!

We have learnt a great deal this year with this business, here are a few things we feel we could have done better upon reflection: 

- Given ourselves more than two weeks to launch! I tried to build a website and a following in just two weeks, as well as building up stock and trying to get all the images too, it was a busy two weeks! 

- Not taken on so much, we tried to offer both eco-friendly products as well as our wholefoods which was waaay to much of an initial cost so our eco-friendly offering has been pretty poor this year.

- Leaving things till last minute! Theres a bit of a theme here isn't there? Well that's how I have always lived my life, Jack not so much, and I now appreciate this has to change. We should have been much much more organised with our Christmas gifts, leaving it to launch in the middle of November with pictures not going live until middle - end of November isn't good enough and we have learnt our lesson. 

- Finally, we have learnt so much about helping our planet. Initially we focused so much on removing single use plastics and trying to overcome this with supporting brands with compostable packaging. Although this is great and we will continue to champion these businesses making a difference, composting is just one answer, and actually we need to really make use of reducing and reusing (we will post a blog about this soon) we will continue to educate ourselves about this so we can really make a difference.  

However, for our first 6 months in business we couldn't be happier. Instagram has proven a great social media channel for us, not just to learn more about our followers and customers but we have gained some great friendships! 

We really appreciate the support we have had from everyone, particularly our ambassadors who have supported Cero from the very early days! To give you a brief introduction here are our are awesome ambassadors:

@motherhoodinfarming - Rebecca is a farmers wife and mum to three very lucky boys! Follow her to find out how she tackles motherhood, farming and being environmentally friendly!

@ecoqueenextraordinaire - Jill is Instagrams EcoQueen! Follow her to find out all about "nasties" in beauty products and learn lots about wormerys, eco-friendly and ethical products and as well as Tropic!

@gem_arky - Gemma is an ultimate sustainable blogger! Follow her to find out more about her life, honest product reviews and great educational posts as she travels on her journey to sustainability!

@mysustainable20s - Ana is a great sustainability warrior! Follow her to read her honest reviews and gain knowledge with her excellent educational posts! 

@imtryingtoecoadult - Steff is a great eco warrior! Follow her for honest reviews of eco-friendly businesses and her journey of motherhood and trying to save the planet! 

@raising.gilbert - Amy is a Yorkshire mum who blogs about her adventure into motherhood and living a more eco-friendly life. Follow her to find out more about her life and see her gorgeous two children grow up! 

@thelittlegreenguide - Rebecca is a wife and mum to beautiful little girl, Primrose, and another little on on the way! Follow her to find out more about her life into motherhood and follow her adventure into ecoliving! 

@stockmans.wife - Michelle is a stockman wife and amazing mum to three gorgeous children and her awesome chickens! Follow her to find out more about her life on the farm, motherhood and looking after all the animals!

Our ambassadors are so unbelievably important to us! We really appreciate all the work you guys do in helping to spread the word about our little business💚


In the past few months we have grown our customer base, increased our product offerings and behind the scenes we are constantly looking at ways to really improve the business and make sure we aren't missing anything that could help our planet even more!

In our personal lives Jack and I finally tied the knot on 4th December this year, after nearly 11 years together. We had to tackle the unknown with COVID-19 restrictions but everything came together and we had an absolutely amazing day that neither of us will forget. I also started a new job doing what I love at a local farm diversification so Cero will now be managed equally between myself and Jack. Not only that, we love to fill up our life, so we decided to move out of our gorgeous little cottage and moved into our forever home on a farm where we can really make a difference! 

We have some great ideas for 2021 for Cero, of which we will continue to share with you all 🙌

But after a hectic few months we are very much going to relax this Christmas and New Year and enjoy the time we have with our little family. 


We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and fingers crossed for a much better 2021! 


Lots of love, 

Soph & Jack x

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