Our Journey - My Personal Journey

Our Journey - My Personal Journey


OK everyone, firstly thank you for taking the time to read this, or even clicking to want to read this! I apologise in advance as this could be a long one!


My journey up until recently was living a very hectic life, even if my physical self wasn't doing too much my mind was always working. 


I have always been like this, from leaving school and studying a diploma in animal management to then qualifying from that with decisions, decisions I had to make, decisions everyone has to make as such a young age with little direction. I say little direction, some people can go through life knowing exactly what they want to do or things just drop into their path and it just works out for them, whilst others (like me) have to search for things, with various peoples input making the mind completely stressed out. 


So after I qualified I had decisions to make, I tried my best to block out the opinions of others, after all this is my life and these are decisions I need to make myself. Although the number of times the saying "I wish someone just told me what path to take" has come out of my mouth is pretty ironic. It was hard, it still is hard, these days we have too. much. choice. I will always stand by this, I don't mean this negatively, or positively, it completely depends on the situation it arrises in.


Anyways, I decided to go into full-time work, after all, I couldn't focus my attention for long periods, let alone at university in a lecture hall studying a subject I wasn't even sure I wanted to take.


I have worked ever since. However, it hasn't been a simple case of work, I have looked through many job adverts, many books, been on many websites and written MANY lists. I still did not know what I wanted to do as a career. The issue with me and this is something I have only just realised, midway through my 20s, I just want to do everything. I want to turn my hand to anything I find interesting, and with a mind like mine literally, anything is interesting!


So when I gained my role in customer services, I really enjoyed it but was never fulfilled. I then longed for a career in marketing which I finally reached after a lot of job applications, online learning and trying to gain experience wherever I could, however, once again I did not feel fulfilled. Don't get me wrong, after I landed the job I was on cloud 9 for a long time, enjoying learning this new role and a new career. However, once I had learnt and practised everything a few times I had this feeling that I had felt before, unfulfilled. I decided that as many of my role models are entrepreneurs, and being my own boss is something I have always strived for, I felt the time was right. I set up my own marketing and design company, with a specific aim, to help the smaller businesses become successful.


It was again, a great time in my life and felt on cloud 9 for a long time, but the long hours, working from home and the clients who could never commit all became too much. I have always struggled with having that 'off' switch, even if I was in a job that didn't require much thought, I would still go home and think of every solution possible to help that business and ways I could input better processes. Having my own business was difficult, because that 'off' switch I talk about wasn't even in sight, I couldn't even find it let alone switch it off.


Recently I have taken some time out, time to sit back and reflect on my life so far and really consider what I want in the future. So after a lot of thought, a lot of 'me' time and a huge amount of reflection I am now starting my own personal journey to become eco-friendly, start working towards a more sustainable life and using a lot of self-care methods to ensure that 'off' switch I talk about is as close to me as it can be, so I can enjoy and appreciate life a hell of a lot more than I ever have. 


So, my personal journey up until recently has been chaotic, or well it feels like it has. However, for the first time in my life I am having to settle, this often comes across as a negative phrase, but I don't mean it like this, I just mean to settle in life and appreciate life more, "live in the moment" as they say. Settling my mind isn't easy, my mind is one that is always asking questions, so finding a career that I can't continue to learn just won't cut it. Therefore, starting a zero-waste business, learning more and more about plastic reduction, waste reduction, pollution, nature, ways to reuse, the list is endless - and exciting! All as well as looking at ways to practice self-care.


On this journey there is always going to be something new to learn, something new to look into and research and that is extremely exciting! I would love for you to come with me on this journey, to work collectively towards a more eco-friendly, sustainable and self-loving life. 


Thanks for reading,

Soph x


P.S. As you will find, I want people to comment, type away your feelings! Don't get me wrong, even the smallest comment on someone else's blog would freak me out and I would probably write it out then delete it. BUT I promise to respond to all comments and you can't say anything 'wrong' so don't worry and type away💕

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