Our Journey | My Vegetable Garden

Our Journey | My Vegetable Garden

So anyone who follows us on Instagram may be aware that I (Soph) have started to grow vegetables in my garden.


It has been, and I imagine it will continue to be, a complete learning curve. There's something about planting your own veggies, watching them grow and eventually being able to eat them that's just amazing. Something I took for granted when simply adding them to my basket in a supermarket. You get to understand, after many hours of research, which plants like what, what amount of care one plant needs compared to another that requires very little. It is a lot to learn but I feel growing your own is something quite like riding a bike, I don't think you would forget it easily!


I noticed this after finding out for the first time my grandma used to grow her own vegetables to show and enter competitions with, just after she had reeled off a list of do's and don'ts with tomato plants, which she hasn't grown in many years! I did get quite envious that she had such great success with her veggies, and I hope to follow in her footsteps.


This is one of the big changes that we have made to starting to live a more sustainable life, it's one of the many on my long list of things to look into, but for now I am enjoying this journey and learning as much as I can on the way.


The aim is that next year we only eat the fruit and veg that we grow, and whatever excess we get, we will freeze. I have found a great app that I use, Homefarm, and this has helped me plan for this year and next.


How I plan ahead

- Using a diary I look at each month and see what fruit and veg is in season, if it something we would eat I jot it down

- Once I had each month full of fruit and veg I went back through and found when I needed to sow and plant out in order to harvest. For example if I looked at the month of January and found that Kale is in season, I would look up Kale using the app, select which variety I wanted (in this case Dwarf Green Curled) and look at when to sow and plant out and wrote this in the correct month. In this case the Dwarf Green Curled Kale is to be sown indoors April - May, therefore I write a note in April and May to start sowing. Then sown outdoors/ planted out in June-July so I write another note in June and July to sow or plant out. I finish by double checking that when it says it is ready to harvest (November to April) that it is written in for those months in my diary

- This way each month I know what is due to be harvested, what is due to be sown and what is due to be planted out.

- It's good to use a diary as if I come into any issues in a certain month, or just want to write any notes about a particular fruit or veg for the following year I can.

I hope this helps, if anyone would like me to explain the planning process in more detail just let me know.


Although I did start later than I perhaps should have, I still have lots of veggies growing! So far I have:

  • All Year Round lettuce
  • Marketmore cucumber
  • White Lisbon spring onions
  • Gardener's Delight cherry tomatoes
  • Serpentine savoy cabbage
  • Kamal red onions
  • Calafornia Wonder sweet peppers
  • Calabrese broccoli
  • Defender courgettes
  • Bright Lights chard
  • Marshmello strawberries


My list to plant June - July is:

  • Purple sprouting broccoli
  • Maris Peer potatoes
  • Chantenay carrots
  • Purple cauliflower
  • Kale


I would love to plant more in my vegetable garden but I have run out of room! Does anyone else have this issue?


What has everyone else got growing in their vegetable garden or allotment? I would love to know! Or perhaps you can give me some good tips for the veggies I have growing? All comments are welcomed!



Soph x


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