Plastic Free July - Over Half Way

Plastic Free July - Over Half Way

Morning everyone! 


So we are over the half way point in #plasticfreejuly! How is everyone getting on? 


I have to say it has been really good for us, although as we are pretty early on in our journey we are naturally thinking about everything we come into contact with anyway. I have to say as a self-confessed chocaholic I do find this the hardest part, just going to the shops and not being tempted by a quick chocolate bar has been difficult but I have been making my own dark salted chocolate as well as baking quite a bit to keep my sweet tooth at bay!


I have been out to my local farm shops to go fruit picking, top up my 1l glass bottles with milk using the vending machines and to get lots of vegetables with my cotton produce bags and of course carrying it all in my string bag shopper which I love! I have ordered more 1litre reusable glass bottles to fill up with homemade orange juice as we do love fresh orange juice and it is often hard to find without plastic. 


I have been using reusable glass containers and silicone bags to store all my batch cooking in which then goes into the freezer. As we have been doing a lot of baking our (or should I say my!) chocolate eating has reduced dramatically and we are eating much more fruit which we can get without packaging from our local farm shop.


Our homegrown vegetables are starting to grow well, we have chard that will be ready soon and our savoy cabbage is looking very impressive! We still have a few things to plant so that our Christmas (yes when growing we do have to think about the C word!) dinner veggies will be all homegrown. Our composting is working well and we have reduced our waste massively due to this, I would definitely recommend getting a small indoor kitchen compost bin as it has helped a great deal to just pile kitchen scraps in there and decanter that into the compost bin when full. Our plants are also doing really well with the egg shells and coffee grounds as an organic fertiliser. 


We are very lucky to have the shop so we simply refill our Kilner jars with what we need which has really cut down our single-use plastic as we didn't have any zero waste stores nearby. We are also constantly looking into adding more products to the shop that we use frequently meaning it will cut down our single-use plastic even more and offer everyone a larger range in the shop too!


Finally, we have been using our ecoegg which we absolutely love, it's cost-effective and does a great job! And I swapped to Wild deodrant and I am seriously impressed with it! I will be writing up a blog about these soon👀


What is still left on my list to change this July:

  • Purchasing a safety razor
  • Purchase handmade up-cycled sanitary pads
  • Make our own bread
  • Make the swap to a shampoo and conditioner bar
  • We are still yet to swap to toothpaste tablets, however I have seen mixed reviews about these
  • Swapping our lovely dogs over to an eco-friendly packaging dog food, which I shall be working with Rùn dog food and hopefully that will be launching on the website soon!


What does your list for plastic free July look like? Have you managed to cross everything of yet?


Although we have been doing much better, there is still so much more to achieve and we certainly haven't been able to go completely plastic free yet! Have you gone 100% plastic free this July? Please comment with your best tip no matter how much you have reduced 👇


It is important to remember that by just changing a few things you can help a great deal! The best way I remember is to just pick one thing you have changed, for example changing to buying loose fruit and veggies, and then imagine if everyone did that one thing - it would have a huge affect on the reduction of plastic packaging! Now I am aware that not everyone is going to do the exact same thing, but if every one person changed one thing in their life it would make a dramatic impact and that's what matters. 


Finally, just a quick note, I have also been doing a daily #businessshoutout to all small, eco-friendly businesses to create a little bit of a directory of other brands who are doing an amazing job of consciously working with the environment, whether that's responsibly using it's natural resources, consciously thinking of packaging solutions or becoming as sustainable as they can. It's important that us small businesses stick together! I will be posting about all the eco-friendly businesses on my blog at the end of July too so don't worry if you've missed any!


Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Soph x


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