It's a new year and I think it's important for both personal and business reasons to reflect upon the last year. Doing this activity helps to look back and see how far you have come as well as seeing what was good and what didn't work as well as you'd have hoped.


Upon reflection of the last 6 months since starting Cero we have come pretty far, and we are happy with our progress. We've have spent a lot, given a lot away and haven't made a penny, but we have learnt a great deal and that's what matters to us. We have learnt:

  • All about living a more sustainable, eco-friendly life from our followers and close connections
  • How to run a business and how to prioritise tasks, organise and manage stock, pick and pack orders and manage our budget 
  • Where we are strongest and where we are weakest and how we can improve on this for 2021 and following years
  • What customers want and how we can achieve and meet everyones desires
  • To be much more organised, thinking and planning much more in advance as we were working

And much much more! We are working behind the scenes to make sure our customers can have an easy and happy experience when shopping with us. 


I am working on my organisational skills to ensure everything runs much smoother and one of my presents at Christmas was The Makers Yearbook 2021 which is keeping me inline so far! The Makers Yearbook asks multiple questions but this one question, "Why do I want this business?" really made me stop and think why am I doing this, what do I want to achieve? and I didn't realise how much this business actually impacts my life, our life. This really isn't a business to us, it started out as a way to offer an option to those people that can't access a refill shop and want something similar to be available to them so they are able to live more environmentally-friendly. Since then, we have found so many other reasons, we have met people along the way which make the business even more worth doing, and we are really passionate about living a more traditional lifestyle and supporting British producers and small businesses, so we are so glad we have the opportunity to talk about this on our social media and in our blogs. 

Given I now have a full time job (that I absolutely love) we have had to have a few changes, Jack is much more involved now which I love and I now just work a little harder during the day, but at a relaxed pace. So if this was a normal business I would give up, and believe me I have thought about it, how easy my life would be. But then I remember why I'm doing this, it's not a business to me, it's my passion and a way of helping others, supporting local businesses and blogging about our experiences and that's how I keep going and keep dreaming of where Cero could be in 5, 10, 15 years time!

We have got a few changes coming into place over the next few months, but for now we want you to know that our ultimate aim has changed, it is much bigger that our original aim but we feel it's worth the work! Our aim is to become the most passionate, efficient and easy to use online farmers market... one step at a time we will champion the small British businesses, the traditional lifestyle and hopefully we will build a great community! 


Wish us luck😍🤞

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