Digest | Herbal Tea

Digest | Herbal Tea

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Digest | Herbal Tea 90g by Retreat Remedies

This delicious blend is full of soothing and nourishing properties for the digestive system. While Peppermint gives a natural soothing support to any discomfort, fennel works on easing gas and bloating. Chamomile is known as the rest and digest herb and the top digestive support of them all. Lemonbalm nourishes and Liquorice root warms giving this an all round supportive and delicious after dinner tea or daily metabolism mate.


Brew in a cafetière or clear teapot so you can see the herbs swirling and infusing, you’ll know when it’s ready as the herbs will settle to the bottom, it will take roughly 10-15 minutes for the roots to soften and to get the full flavour.



If you would like to save on waste feel free to return your herbal tea pouches once empty to be reused.

We can refill your tea pouch too! If you would like a refill please send your empty tea pouch back to us with a note detailing your name and address and we can issue you a £1 discount to be used towards your refill*

*Please note: the £1 discount is valid on selected teas only. We do require the tea pouches to be returned before offering the discount so please ensure you send your pouch back to us and wait for a confirmation before placing your order. We can only accept tea pouches that are returned in reusable conditions.