Settling Cider

Settling Cider

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Settling Cider 300ml by Retreat Remedies

An infusion of fresh ginger, fresh orange, fennel seed, cardamon pods, liquorice root, star anise and clove in organic, unpasteurised, raw Apple Cider Vinegar containing 'The Mother'. The ingredients natural sweeten the Apple Cider Vinegar but a little local Harrogate Honey is also added to take off the remaining sharp edge and bring more goodness.

This sweet, tangy infusion has been designed not only to add great flavour to the original and distinct flavour of Apple Cider Vinegar but also to amplify its believed benefits for gut health. The spices have been used for thousands of years to encourage metabolism, aid bloating, and support digestion. Take daily or as a pre or post digestive shot, added to food or drinks are all great ways of getting it into the system.



Sold in a glass bottle that is widely recycled or feel free to return to us to be reused.